Heart Centre Yoga is owned and operated by Julie Beynon and Michael Chester. We graduated from the four year Dru yoga teacher training course in April 2007 with a Diploma of Dru Yoga. We began teaching classes at the beginning of 2008. Heart Centre Yoga provide General and Prenatal Dru Yoga and Infant Massage classes for the Northern Beaches with our Yoga Studio located in Collaroy Plateau.

Nursing experience. I completed my midwifery training in the UK having qualified in 1985. I came to Australia in 1987 working at Royal North Shore hospital in the Birthing Unit and then at Manly Maternity. I worked for 7 years as a Midwife. In 1993 I graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a Certificate in Child and Family Health Nursing and began my career as a Child and Family Health Nurse. In July 2017 I retired from Nursing having spent 39 years as a nurse.

Yoga experience. I have practiced many different types of yoga and discovered Dru Yoga in 2001. I was attracted to its holistic approach of bringing union to the body, mind and spirit.

Dru Yoga has helped me to be more flexible, physically and emotionally. I find my practice helps me stay calm and focused in my daily life's challenges. When I discovered Dru Yoga I felt this is what I'd been looking for. I felt with Dru Yoga the emotional comfort and relaxation went to a far deeper level than I experienced with any other form of Yoga. I wanted a yoga practice that was more than just the physical movements, one that connected me on every level, and that's what Dru yoga has given me.

Since 2010 I has been teaching on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course which trains people to become qualified Dru Yoga teachers. I am also a Dru Yoga therapist having completed a 3 year diploma in Dru Yoga therapy graduating in March 2019.

In 2009 I graduated as a Certified Infant Massage instructor so as to help teach parents a wonderful way to connect and bond with their baby.

I am also a Reiki Master, and have studied widely in the fields of counselling, psychology and spirituality.

Julie introduced me to Dru Yoga when she suggested going to a Dru Yoga weekend Seminar in Collaroy. I was impressed by what I heard and experienced. I was drawn to the motto of these people which is "Transform the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves." So I joined Julie in doing the teacher training and found that the physical aspects of Dru helped me to be more in the moment. The affirmations and visualisations have helped me to invite life-mind energies to manifest in useful ways. And the breathing practices have helped me quieten the mind and appreciate life.


We shall respect the rights, dignity and confidentiality of our students.