Infant Massage Photo Gallery
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This course was a great way to meet other Mums.

The babies also enjoyed the social aspect of the course, interacting with other babies.

The course gave me a way to connect and bond with my baby, and he really enjoyed the massage.


I enjoyed learning the actual technique, all the different strokes and reflexology.



I enjoyed the demonstrations,
the techniques were well explained.


Julie gave us lots of useful tips on baby cues and
how to communicate with our baby.


My baby just loved our special time together.


Massage is a beautiful way to give body contact
that gives security and develops basic trust.


The look of love, affection and enjoyment
on the face of a 5 month old is an unbeatable feeling.

I found this course to have wonderful benefits
for developing a rich and solid relationship between
our baby, my daughter and myself.


I really enjoyed hanging out with my son
and learning how to help him.


Learning how to give my baby a massage has been
a great opportunity to spend quality time with him.


My baby is active and needs lots of stimulation.
She loves that special moment where she can interact
and relax with me.