Introduction to a Dru yoga class.

General Class

The small classes occur on Thursday evenings from 7.30 to 9.00 pm.
To enquire about dates or book a place, send a Email. Bookings are essential.
Invest in yourself and feel the difference.

Policy on Cancellation after making a booking
As we have a limit of 6 people per class, and to facilitate everyone having a chance to attend when they want to, we would appreciate knowing if you can't attend, after booking a place. Letting us know as soon as possible of your non-attendance will enable us to monitor availability of spaces. Our cancelation policy is that a late cancellation after 3pm on Wednesday afternoon will incur a $25 fee. Of course if there is some dire last minute emergency the fee will be waived.


"Julie is an exceptional yoga teacher. She puts a remarkable amount of preparation into each class. In each Dru yoga class we have a dharma/prana introduction, a body prep warm-up and stretching session followed by our yoga sequences, then an occasional meditation/breathing practice, closing with a guided relaxation. I always leave her classes feeling more relaxed, with improved posture and ability to cope with daily stresses. Julie's classes attract a broad range of ages and capabilities, and she tailors her classes to the individuals attending. She gives guidelines on the contraindications of different asanas, and always offers alternative ways of practicing for students who have injuries or restrictions in their movements. Her nursing background and knowledge of anatomy and physiology often come in handy when we are prepping for various yoga sequences. Her warm way of communicating and thoughtfulness towards her students is very much appreciated by me and everyone else I know that attends her classes." Carson

"Thanks so much for the classes. I'm really enjoying the blend of yoga exercise with spirituality and intention. The group itself has a really good vibe certainly attributable to your teaching. As a newcomer, I felt an immediate welcome. I look forward to next term." Molly

"Your classes are well thought out and I love the themes" Jane C

"I really look forward to Yoga on Thursday evenings" Frank

I've been going to Julie's Dru Yoga classes since 2010. I've found the benefits to be amazing in my busy life. I love the rhythmic flowing movements of Dru yoga. They help me release stress and slow down. I really enjoy the movements that are synchronised with the breath. I feel I breathe more fully, right down into the lower part of my lungs and am better at opening my chest. I have more energy and feel happier and I sleep much better after the yoga class. On an emotional level the yoga class is a time for me. I spend much of my life looking after others - the class restores, nurtures and replenishes me and I love the relaxation at the end. I find when I encounter challenges in my life, the yoga helps me flow through them more easily. I find it easier to see the big picture. Jane.

What yoga does to Mum

Yoga makes my Mum relaxed and happy. After work she is tired and agitated but when she comes home from yoga she is very different.