Dru Yoga is essentially yoga of the heart. It is tailored for the 21st Century yet rooted in ancient yoga tradition.

Each class has a theme or focus.
It is taught in a circle in a gentle and nurturing manner.
It incorporates flowing yoga moves to release energy blocks from your body. Joints are kept relaxed and soft during movement (as in Tai Chi). This creates flexibility and a free flow of subtle energy. We start with an activation to warm up the body and 'shake off' your stresses. We continue with stretches, postures or a sequence. And finish with a complete body relaxation.

It brings you unique flowing sequences, directed breathing, visualisation, and relaxation techniques.

Dru yoga is one of the most effective antidotes for the stress of modern day living. It is perfectly suited for any age, state of health or level of fitness. Its graceful yet powerful sequences enable you to relax, re-energise and develop a calm, clear mind.

Benefits of Dru Yoga

Here are researched benefits of what you can expect from a regular practise that ripple out into your home and work life.

Enhanced emotional wellbeing and resilience to stress
Reduced back pain and improved spinal flexibility
Increased energy levels
Greater confidence and self-empowerment
Peace of mind for overcoming negative thinking

Would you like to experience these and many more benefits in a fun and easy Dru Yoga class?
Then come along and join us. Our venue is on the Northern Beaches at Collaroy Plateau.

Besides teaching General and Prenatal Dru Yoga, Julie also teaches Meditation and Infant Massage classes. Click on the Menu links to the left for more details.

'May all beings be at peace;
and may all beings discover the true peace
that lies within their own hearts.'