Infant Massage Class

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Benefits of infant massage:

Infant massage is a wonderful way to connect and bond with your baby
It can strengthen the immune system
Prevent and relieve colic, constipation, painful wind and help with gastric reflux
Helps with skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis
Great for the parent's wellbeing and can help overcome post natal depression.

Attending an infant massage class is a fun and rewarding activity for both you and your baby. Join a group and meet other local parents and join in the fun with easy to follow, step by step instructions as you massage your baby. Or have private classes.

Venue: Collaroy Plateau.

Infant massage Courses (Group - Minimum of 5)

1-1.5 Hour Basic introductory session.
4 week course (1-1.5 hours each week) for Mums on Monday.
4 week course (1-1.5 hours each week) for parents on Saturday.

Infant massage Courses (Private)

1-1.5 Hour Basic introductory session.
2 sessions of 1.5 hours.

All classes are taught by Julie Beynon, a Certified Infant Massage instructor. Julie has more than 24 years experience working with young families. She has extensive knowledge on child development and enhancing bonding and emotional attachment. Julie also works as a yoga teacher, teaching general yoga and prenatal yoga.

Bookings are essential.

To enquire please send an email.