Introduction to a Dru yoga class.

Prenatal Photo gallery

Prenatal Class

For expectant mums who would like to

Tone and strengthen their body
Ease pregnancy related aches and discomforts
Connect with their baby
Mentally prepare for labour by building confidence
Learn useful breathing and relaxation techniques
Learn practical life skills to manage the challenges of being a Mum.

I teach prenatal yoga at Qi Yoga in Freshwater on Saturday mornings from 10:15am to 11:45am (90 minutes). I share the classes with Mary-Louise Parkinson. I highly recommend these classes. Timetable link.

To enquire about private classes in Collaroy Plateau, please send an email.

Prenatal Testimonial

"Julie brings both wisdom and knowledge to her pre-natal yoga classes, both from her years of midwifery and working at early childhood centers and teaching Dru Yoga. She provides a beautiful and safe place to practice yoga as well as allowing us to draw on her years of experience with any questions we might have regarding our pregnancy.
Julie's classes focus on the heart and allow us to connect with our babies.
I've really enjoyed Julie's pre-natal yoga classes, they have allowed me to keep my body supple and given me a precious space to relax and unwind." Melinda

Ella with Lauren

  For my first pregnancy I just thought Yoga would benefit me more for my postures but I was so surprised that the breathing was the main if not the only thing I used. Being bed bound with my first meant I didn't have the freedom to move about or try out what I had learnt. Now being pregnant again with number 2, I am finding that I am still practicing the fantastic breathing techniques but am able to focus more on my posture and strength in my legs. Julie is a wonderful, calming teacher and she has given me calming skills that I may not have otherwise thought of. As a busy mother to a now 2 year old I find the relaxation at the end of the session to be so beneficial in dealing with the day. If Julie could come to my house every day at 1pm and practice that same relaxation technique I am sure I wouldn't be so tired later in the afternoon. Ella

Couple classes

For the expectant mum and her partner.
The aim of these classes are to:
Connect with your partner and baby, through movement, massage, relaxation and visualisation exercises
Learn useful birthing positions
Mentally prepare for labour by building confidence

Dates: Email Julie to express interest.